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Welcome! I’m Mithun Bhat and A Quiet Affair is a one stop shop front for all the film-related work I do, the variety of which includes across music videos, documentaries, narrative films, ad films and more, which are all on the site and are better seen than told of. Having begun my film-making adventure in the city of New York a decade ago, returning to India after four amazing years in the American independent film industry was a radical splash of colour and change. Working on projects that take me from the slick tech offices of Bangalore to the remotest parts of rural Bihar or the unchartered jungles of the Western Ghats, is definitely why I choose to keep doing this. If you’re looking to hire me, my professional description in a nutshell is that I am formally trained and experienced in production, even more experienced with cinematography, and deeply in love with photography. I am by nature meticulous and quality excites me. Over the years I’ve built a trusty team of brilliant professionals to crew up with and deliver that beautiful final draft.

So, have a look around. I hope you enjoy what you see here, and if you have some good ideas that need great execution – I’m in. Get in touch with me at hey@aquietaffair.com.